Hurricane Maria Relief – In Support of Our Own - Archived

UPDATE:  Due to the extremely generous donations, AMLA sent a sizable contribution to the Rivera Family.  She is extremely grateful to the AMLA family.

As all of you are aware, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. What you may not know is that one of our own, CW3 Deborah Rivera, is suffering from the devistation. We all know Legal Administrators always put the needs of the office above our own. While CW3 Rivera is putting the pieces of her SJA Office back together, her own personal needs are put on a back burner. Please join AMLA in assisting CW3 Rivera take care of herself and her family by donating to the Hurricane Maria Relief Fund for CW3 Deborah Rivera.

Right now Deborah is unsure if she has lost everything, but she has lost a great deal of her belongings. Her home was flooded, has no power, and is currently uninhabitable. Please help us lift some of the burden from her shoulders as she works tirelessly to take care of her JAG Corps family and her family at home.


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