AMLA Awards

Awards for the Judge Advocate Warrant Officer Advanced Course

The CW3 (Retired) Carl Rickert Distinguished Honor Graduate Award
2017 – CW2 Raphael Johnson
2018 – CW2 Brent Vestering
2019 – CW2 Latoyia Cooper

The CWO4 (USMC) Derwin McGriff Leadership Award
2017 – CW2 VanCannon
2018 – CW2 Jessica Marrestte
2019 – CW2 Qnette McCoy

L-R COL Jery Dunlap (Dean, TJAGLCS), CW2 Qunnette McCoy, CW2 Latoya Cooper,
CW3(R) Gib Gahan, and CWO4 Timothy Dechicchis (USMC), [August 2019]

Awards for the Judge Advocate Warrant Officer Basic Course

The CW2 Robert’Bob’ Babinski Distinguished Honor Graduate Award
24th JAWOBC (2017) – WO1 Monica Heuer
25th JAWOBC (2018) – WO1 Marquita Givens
26th JAWOBC (2019) – WO1 Blaise McPhearson

CW4(R) Joe Egozcue presents the Babinski DHG Award to
WO1 Blaise McPherson, June 2019

The CW5(Retired) Charlie “Hooah” Poulton Leadership Award
24th JAWOBC (2017) – WO1 Charles Martinez IV
25th JAWOBC (2018) – WO1 Marquita Givens
26th JAWOBC (2019) – WO1 Quo’Vadis Parker

CW5(Retired) Poulton presented the Leadership Award named in his honor to WO1 Quo’Vadis Parker

2019 Fundraising

Annual Summer Events Fundraising!

2019 AMLA Annual Golf Tournament
Meadow Creek Golf Course, Charlottesville, Virginia

Sponsored by Prairie Home Valet of Kansas City

Raised over $1000 for the AMLA Scholarship Fund
The AMLA Silent Auction went Virtual raising nearly $1000 for the AMLA Scholarship Fund!
AMLA thanks Prairie Home Valet for sponsoring our events this summer and supporting Veteran’s Scholarships!
Thank you Prints of Columbia for your donations!!

2019-20 AMLA Board of Directors

UPDATE 29 June 2019

Congratulations to the newly elected Board of Directors and the eleceted officers as determined on 29 June 2019 at the Annual Meeting of the Members in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Monica Heuer (President)
Charlie Poulton (Vice-President)
Jim Steddum (Secretary/CAO and Co-Founder)
Vicki Slade (Treasurer/CFO)

William Teeple (returning Director and Co-Founder)
Andy Perkins (Director, Public Relations Committee)
Kim Pastor (new Director)
Deborah Rivera (new Director)
Rebekah Stuyvesant (new Director and Chair, Candidate Outreach Program)

Jonnee’ Carter newly inducted into the Authentic Purpose Advisory Committee along with Will, Jim, and Eddie Hernandez (First Member).

Tom Chilton, ex-officio Liaison to The Judge Advocate General’S Legal Center and School

Jim Steddum was appointed as the Executive Director.

Special Thanks to Brent Reeves (Vice President), Amy Reeves (Treasurer), Jonnee’ Carter (Chief Administrative Officer/Secretary), Eddie Hernandez (Membership Chair), and Matt Casey (Public Relations Chair) for their hard work and dedication to our organization.

Annual Meeting of the Members – 2019 – Charlottesville, Virginia

#AMLA #TCML – Teach, Coach, Mentor, Lead!

The Association of Military Legal Administrators (#AMLA) was officially founded on 9 June 2016. #AMLA is a 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in the State of Virginia and supports all military Legal Administrators, past and present, the organizations they served, and their families through the core values of Teach, Coach, Mentor, and Lead – #TCML

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AMLA Security/Privacy Update

The Official Association website is now more secure than ever! The domain, the website, and all of our content is covered by additional layers of security to protect member data. Trust is important to our members and trust is what we endeavor to maintain. Member data will never be sold to or shared with any other organization without the express written consent of the individual (and that is is not just a box check).

Additionally, there are new login procedures. You will only need to login if you are going to member specific content. If you do attempt to access member specific content, you will be asked to login at that point.

Honorary Warrant Officer of the Corps

CW5(R) Sam Manickam was named the Honorary Warrant Officer of the Corps at the 2018 JAG Ball, 28 April 2018.  He replaced CW4(R) Sarah Turner Riedinger, HWOC from 2013-2018.  The both are among a list of honorees named below.  #TeachCoachMentorLead

Pictured: Navanee and Sam Manickam with CW5 Jim Steddum.

CW4(R) Dennis McCormick – 1990-1994
CW4(R) Joseph Egozcue – 1994-1998
CW4(R) Carl Black – 1998-2002
CW5(R) Mike Lanoue – 2002-2007
CW4(R) Donnie Hughes – 2007-2013
CW4(R) Sarah Turner – 2013-2018
CW5(R) Sam Manickam – 2018-Present