#AMLA #TCML – Teach, Coach, Mentor, Lead!

The Association of Military Legal Administrators (#AMLA) was officially founded on 9 June 2016. #AMLA is a 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in the State of Virginia and supports all military Legal Administrators, past and present, the organizations they served, and their families through the core values of Teach, Coach, Mentor, and Lead through Service – #TCML

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Improving #AMLA?

#TCML – Teach Coach Mentor, Lead
through JAG Service with #AMLA

#AMLA wants to hear your thoughts on how we can improve our organization! Your valuable input is essential to the success of the JAG!

We understand that expressing your ideas may seem daunting, but we assure you that your opinions will be respected and appreciated. Our goal is to foster open dialogue and collaboration, allowing us to grow together.

To make it easy for you to participate, we’ve established multiple channels for communication. You can share your suggestions through the JAG Legal Administrator Facebook Group (we even allow anonymous posts) or #AMLA Board Meetings (last Saturday of every month). You can even email the Board of Directors at director@amla-tcml.org. We want to ensure that every member has an opportunity to contribute.

By sharing your insights, you can help shape the future of #AMLA, driving positive change and innovation. Together, let’s build a stronger organization that reflects the diverse perspectives and aspirations of our members. This in turn will help improve the US Army and USMC JAG Corps that we serve.

Enter your comments in the space below. Describe whatever is important to you! This might include what you want the Association to do, what can we do to help improve the profession, or what swag you would like to see in the #Store. Click the Improving #AMLA link above to leave a comment in the box below.

We eagerly await your valuable input!

Image: #AMLA Logo
#AMLA Logo

8th Annual AMLA Golf Tournament

Meadow Creek Golf Course, Charlottesville, VA

Forty Legal Administrators (Army and USMC) from WO1 to CW5 came out to enjoy a pleasantly cool outing on May 21, 2023. #AMLA encourages all WO1s to meet and greet at no charge to JAWOBC Students.

Next year, look for MORE than golf on the Sunday before The Course. Fill out this survey to Vote for your favorite activities! SURVEY!

AMLA Awards

Awards for the Judge Advocate Warrant Officer Advanced Course

2023 McGriff Leadership Award and Rickert Distinguished Graduate Award Winner CW2 Quo’Vadis Parker with Honorary Warrant Officer of the Regiment CW5(ret) Sam Manickam

The CW3 (Retired) Carl Rickert Distinguished Honor Graduate Award
2017 – CW2 Raphael Johnson
2018 – CW2 Brent Vestering
2019 – CW2 Latoya Cooper (AMLA Life Member)
2020 – CW2 Monica Heuer (AMLA Life Member)
2021 – CW2 Melanie Sellars
2022 – CW2 Beatriz Hendricks (AMLA Life Member)
2023 – CW2 Quovadis Parker

The CWO4 (USMC) Derwin McGriff Leadership Award
2017 – CW2 Van Cannon
2018 – CW2 Jessica Marresette
2019 – CW2 Qnette McCoy
2020 – CW2 Brandon Grace
2021 – CW2 Elizabeth Taylor
2022 – CWO2 Ryan Cole, USMC
2023 – CW2 Quo’Vadis Parker

Awards for the Judge Advocate Warrant Officer Basic Course

Brigadier General Bobby Christine, Assistant to the Chief Counsel, National Guard Bureau and the National Guard Advisor to The Judge Advocate General presents the AMLA DHG Award to WO1 David Wilson May 25, 2023.

The CW2 Robert ‘Bob’ Babinski Distinguished Honor Graduate Award
2017 – WO1 Monica Heuer (AMLA Past President)
2018 – WO1 Marquita Givens (AMLA Chief Admin Officer)
2019 – WO1 Blaise McPhearson
2020 – WO1 Amiah Derbe
2021 – WO1 Appolinaire Kombassere
2022 – WO1 Ryszard Pela
2023 – WO1 David Wilson

CW5(ret) Charlie Hooah Polton, President of #AMLA, presents the AMLA WOBC Leadership award to WO1 Stephanie Thimothe, May 25, 2023.

The CW5(Retired) Charlie “Hooah” Poulton Leadership Award
2017 – WO1 Charles Martinez IV (AMLA Life Member)
2018 – WO1 Marquita Givens (AMLA Chief Admin Officer)
2019 – WO1 Quo’Vadis Parker
2020 – WO1 Sean White
2021 – WO1 Appolinaire Kombassere
2022 – WO1 Francisco Castellonos (AMLA Vice President)
2023 – WO1 Stephanie Thimothe

Honorary Warrant Officer of the Corps

CW5(R) Sam Manickam was named the Honorary Warrant Officer of the Corps at the 2018 JAG Ball, 28 April 2018.  He replaced CW4(R) Sarah Turner Riedinger, HWOC from 2013-2018.  The both are among a list of honorees named below.  #TeachCoachMentorLead

Pictured: Navanee and Sam Manickam with CW5 Jim Steddum.

CW4(R) Dennis McCormick – 1990-1994
CW4(R) Joseph Egozcue – 1994-1998
CW4(R) Carl Black – 1998-2002
CW5(R) Mike Lanoue – 2002-2007
CW4(R) Donnie Hughes – 2007-2013
CW4(R) Sarah Turner – 2013-2018
CW5(R) Sam Manickam – 2018-Present