#AMLA News 2023!

#AMLA Board meetings are open to the public:

The last Saturday of the month at 3:00 pm Eastern Time.

Legal Administrator Coins!

#AMLA purchased the mold and the initial four hundred Legal Administrator coins in a design created by Nate Huntington. The coins are available for purchase through the #AMLA Store. Over three hundred coins were purchased during the 2023 LOMC, so quantities are limited until a resupply arrives.

Legal Administrator Coins

#AMLA Awards

Congratulations to the 2023 #AMLA Award winners: CW2 Quovadis Parker for winning both the #Rickert DHG Award and the #McGriff Leadership Award; WO1 David Wilson for winning the #Babinski DHG Award; and WO1 Stephanie Thimothe for winning the #Poulton Leadership Award. You join a growing list of amazingly talented professionals, warriors, and leaders!

The 8th Annual #AMLA Golf Tournament

May 21, 2023, was a beautiful Spring Day in Charlottesville. Forty players came to play for the title… Well, they really just came to have a good time and play a really slow game–the slowest in #AMLA history. The weather was so nice that it took an extra two hours to play the course at Meadow Creek.

New for #AMLA – Regional Socials

In #AMLA’s 8th Year, we saw the first two Regional Socials happen. The first was rather impromptu, but in conjunction with the USAWOA National Conference at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in October 2022. The second was in Huntsville, Alabama, in April 2023. If you would like to host an #AMLA Regional Event in your locale, just let us know!

Fayetteville, NC, in October and Huntsville, AL in April 2023.


WOC Mentorship

When Candidates make it to Fort Novosel (Rucker), volunteers from the area do their best to help the 270A candidates the best they can. Big thanks to CW5(ret) Debbie Martin for beginning this in earnest with WOCs from 2001-01 and CW2 Allison Allen for continuing the mentorship (and all of those that have served at Rucker). For pictures of Candidates see the JAG Legal Administrator Group.

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Jim Steddum

Thanks to all of that have worked so hard!!