Vision, Mission, Values, Strategic Plan


Through continued fellowship, #AMLA preserves networks and friendships, supports and upholds the values of military service, and shares knowledge in the ongoing mission of teaching, coaching, mentoring and leading those that have served in the profession of arms.  Fundamental is the fellowship between its members and the talent each individual brings with him/her into this endeavor. #AMLA pledges its assistance to its members and all veterans. #AMLA will continue to grow and develop into a sustainable program that assures viability, self-reliance, and community commitment.


#AMLA is a values-based veteran’s organization seeking to preserve old friendships, to support and uphold the values of military service, and to continue to share knowledge in an ongoing mission of teaching, coaching, mentoring and leading. The Association seeks to assist member transition from military to civilian life, enhance employment opportunities and professional educational learning though a continuous process of teaching, coaching, mentoring and leading.

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Our Core Principles


“When two or more colleagues join together to share ideas, learn, develop, and grow, both personally and professionally, in a virtuous and legitimate manner, the Association vision is realized.”  These words were first iterated in the organization’s initial Campaign Plan. Understanding what the Association of Military Legal Administrators represents mean understanding this statement and striving to uphold its intent. Fellowship is the cornerstone of this organization and its members must be committed to maintaining and sustaining life-long friendships, overcoming obstacles, and placing humanity above selfish gain.


For years, the ranks of many of the members of this organization lived by the values instilled in them through military service. These values may change from time-to-time as a necessary means of evolution of our individual branch of service mantra but the meaning behind these values shall remain consistent within our ranks – to uphold the values of military service! Each member has given of themselves their vested time to accomplish the mission of military service. That investment should be inherent in us as we continue to live these values both, on and off duty; during and after service; forever forward in our character and in our lives.


We are teachers first! From the first moment we swore an oath of warrant officer service, we were committed to giving of ourselves our time, our talent, and our traditions. We aim to instill both expertise and values consistent with honorable and selfless service.


We are a team of teams! We help our members, and those in our dual profession learn, develop, and achieve success, when needed, where needed, and how needed.


We are responsible! We have a duty to share our experience, our expertise, and the personal and professional lessons we have garnered over the years to develop and inspire excellence over time, in time and on time.


We are leaders! As standard bearers of our craft, our influence and our presence sets an example for all to follow and emulate. We shall always take each opportunity to selflessly lead with gratitude, humility and a sense of honor.