2019-2020 AMLA Board Direction

As the Vice on the AMLA Board, your board, I will tell you that with the assistance of Jim Steddum guiding the board through each meeting, I believe we as a board have been successful moving the organization along and developing the organization into a beneficial organization for all members. In addition, the fund raising event, 4 Mile Virtual Run, in support of Veterans, has been more successful than we envisioned. We still have more packets left for anyone who would desire to support the fund raising for veterans. Of course the COVID-19 Virus issue has caused us to do our business differently and has been a challenge. We as a board will move on and pray that you all will do the same. We will get through all of this and come out stronger and more proficient than before. As we vote on the 2020-2021 Board members I can assure you that the board will serve you the members as true professionals. It has been an honor to serve in this position and to be part of something bigger than myself. You all keep on keeping on and the board will move into 2020-2021. HOOAH

2020-21 AMLA Election and Annual Meeting

Elections will be open from 1200 June 1, 2020 to 2359 June 21, 2020. Members in good standing shall select each person they want to elect to the Board of Directors (up to six). All persons (minimum of five) receiving a majority of votes cast will be elected to the Board. The ballot show the number of years each Life Member nominated has served on the Board of Directors.


Watch Ricky and Bobby Run4Veterans with AMLA!

Please support the Association of Military Legal Administrators Run4Veteran in support the Association’s Veteran Success Program. Each runner will receive and finisher’s medal, bib, and AMLA silicone bracelet for your generous tax deductible $30 contribution to out Veteran’s Success Program.

We will give two $1000 in scholarships to deserving Veterans that are furthering their education in order to Teach, Coach, Mentor, or Lead in Support of our Great Nation! We will also give a $1000 scholarship to the family member of an AMLA member.

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AMLA Awards

Awards for the Judge Advocate Warrant Officer Advanced Course

The CW3 (Retired) Carl Rickert Distinguished Honor Graduate Award
2017 – CW2 Raphael Johnson
2018 – CW2 Brent Vestering
2019 – CW2 Latoya Cooper
2020 – CW2 Monica Heuer

2020 CW3 Carl Rickert Distinguished Honor Graduate Award presented to CW2 Monica Heuer present on behalf of AMLA by her SJA COL Sean Gysen and DSJA LTC Dustin Murphy, 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne), Fort Bragg, NC

The CWO4 (USMC) Derwin McGriff Leadership Award
2017 – CW2 Van Cannon
2018 – CW2 Jessica Marresette
2019 – CW2 Qnette McCoy
2020 – CW2 Brandon Grace

L-R COL Jery Dunlap (Dean, TJAGLCS), CW2 Qunnette McCoy, CW2 Latoya Cooper,
CW3(R) Gib Gahan, and CWO4 Timothy Dechicchis (USMC), [August 2019]

Awards for the Judge Advocate Warrant Officer Basic Course

The CW2 Robert’Bob’ Babinski Distinguished Honor Graduate Award
24th JAWOBC (2017) – WO1 Monica Heuer
25th JAWOBC (2018) – WO1 Marquita Givens
26th JAWOBC (2019) – WO1 Blaise McPhearson

CW4(R) Joe Egozcue presents the Babinski DHG Award to
WO1 Blaise McPherson, June 2019

The CW5(Retired) Charlie “Hooah” Poulton Leadership Award
24th JAWOBC (2017) – WO1 Charles Martinez IV
25th JAWOBC (2018) – WO1 Marquita Givens
26th JAWOBC (2019) – WO1 Quo’Vadis Parker

CW5(Retired) Poulton presented the Leadership Award named in his honor to WO1 Quo’Vadis Parker

2020 Membership Drive

Military Legal Administrators, past and present: The Association of Military Legal Administrators is YOUR professional association. This is where Legal Administrators that have served the military services can teach, coach, mentor and lead through service those still serving and those about to transition to the private sector. Its a great way to stay connected to the Military Legal Community. — Great News – We just dropped annual membership and associate membership fees by $50%!


Check out the official website to learn the mission, vision, and values of the organization. www.amla-tcml.org

Join the AMLA sponsored Facebook group for all military Legal Administrators: https://www.facebook.com/groups/JAGWarrant/

Like the public Facebook fan page:https://www.facebook.com/AMLAsocial/

And, commit to support our community in #AMLA so you too can Teach, Coach, Mentor, and Lead #TCML!

You can also support the organization by using Amazon Smile and linking your amazon account to the Association of Military Legal Administrators. Proceeds from every purchase go directly to the Association.

Honorary Membership

AMLA is proud to extend an honorary lifetime membership to Veteran and Retired legal administrators and legal administrative officers who are over the age of 65.

We recognize and appreciate the hard work and accomplishments of those who, through their dedication and initiative, laid the foundation for future generations of legal administrators and legal administrative officers to have such a significant and respected role in today’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps. It is because of their determination and selfless service that the legal administrator brand is so successful.

If you know someone who fits this category, please share this letter from the AMLA President with them, so that they can get in touch with us.

AMLA Honorary Membership

For more information on the honorary lifetime membership, please contact the AMLA Executive Director at director@amla-tcml.org.

[Feel free to cut and paste this in email to Army and USMC Legal Administrators past and present]