Matters Requiring Board Approval


Unless otherwise indicated, Board approval may be obtained by verbal/visual vote at a duly held meeting at which a quorum is present. The number of votes required for approval varies by subject matter. On the rare occasion that a quorum does not exist, or matters presented did not achieve a proper vote pending clarification or other appropriate reason, and in the interest of the Association, the rules for unanimous written consent will be applied.

Unanimous Written Consent

If a vote is consistent with the requirements for unanimous written consent under the Virginia Nonstock Corporation Act, ยง 13.1-865. Action without meeting of board of directors, and proper verification can be established, electronic voting presents a viable alternative for the conduct of official business. Action taken in accordance with this section is effective when the last director, or the last director sufficient to satisfy the requirements if action by fewer than all directors is authorized, approves the action.

* Items under consideration are available for vote and are so moved with unanimous consent. If you wish to table or otherwise remove the item from consideration, you should disapprove the action. It will be brought forth at the next regular board of directors meeting for clarification and re-introduction.