AMLA Committee Assignments

Standing Committee (Resolution 2018-01, Article VII of the By-Laws)
1. Audit Committee:
Member (BoD): Vickie Slade (Treasurer)
Member (BoD): Monica Heuer (President)

Advisory Committee (Resolution 2018-01, Article VII of the By-Laws)
2. Initial Intent / Authentic Purpose Committee:
Chair: Jonnee Carter
Member: Will Teeple (Co-Founder)
Member: Jim Steddum (Co-Founder)
Member: Eddie Hernandez

Advisory Committee (Function of 2019 Campaign Plan, Resolution 2019-03)
3. Candidate Outreach Committee:
Chair: Rebekah Stuyvesant
Member (BoD): Vickie Slade
Member (BoD): Jim Steddum
Member: Alana Alamon-Scott

Standing Committee (Resolution 2019-07)
4. AMLA Scholarship Committee:
Chair: Katrina Steddum
Member (BoD): Monica Heuer
Member (BoD): Jim Steddum
Member: Leilani Gray

Ad-Hoc Committee (BoD Vote 20190919)
5. Social Media Committee:
Chair: Alana Alamon-Scott
Member (BoD): Andy Perkins
Member (BoD): Monica Heuer
Member: Leilani Gray