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FINAL UPDATE:  Matt and family are at home in Texas,  Thanks to your prayers for him, his family, and the medical team–he is on the mend and doing much better.  While he still much work to do to to fully recover, your contributions helped care for his family while in the hospital and procure supplies not covered by insurance to aid in his recover and well-being.  Thanks AMLA members and contributors for your AMAZING assistance provided to Matt.

UPDATE (12 June 2018): Matt and Tammy have moved to a rehab center in Houston. He is walking very short distances and is great spirits.  He plans to be in rehab for the next six weeks to build his strength and finish taking antibiotics to ensure he remains healthy.  His kids are at Home with his Mom and Dad.  AMLA continues to assist in Matt and Tammy’s financial needs thanks to your generous donations to his cause.

UPDATE (26 May 2018):  Matt’s surgery was successful and he is sitting up and starting physical therapy.  It is likely he will be in the hospital for a few weeks, but many prayers have been answered.

Since AMLA started receiving your contributions totaling over $12,000, we have started disbursing funds to pay for for the Edmonds’ family travel, lodging, food, and other expenses related to supporting Matt.

* * *

23 May 2018:  A member of our military family is in immediate need of our assistance. CW3 Matthew Edmonds, Senior Legal Administrator at 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss, TX is currently in serious condition resulting from an unusual heart condition–he is fighting for his life. The Air Force airlifted him and his wife to Memorial Herman Texas Medical Center in Houston. Matt’s close friend, CW4 Ron Prescott, purchased plane tickets for the remainder of his large family so that they could avoid the 11 hour drive across Texas.  He will have major surgery as soon as he is stable enough to receive it–however, he is reportedly in good spirits and thankful for love, prayers, and support showed to him and his family.

The Association of Military Legal Administrators set up a fundraiser to reimburse CW4 Prescott, as well as assist family while they are by Matt’s side, supporting him in Houston.  Proceeds of this fundraiser will help Matt’s family get a comfortable place to stay close to the hospital, food, and other incidental expenses a large family will incur outside of what the government may provide to his spouse.

This is the most horrific time in Matt’s wife and children’s lives. Let’s come together and do what we do to take care of each other.





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