Improving #AMLA?

#TCML – Teach Coach Mentor, Lead
through JAG Service with #AMLA

#AMLA wants to hear your thoughts on how we can improve our organization! Your valuable input is essential to the success of the JAG!

We understand that expressing your ideas may seem daunting, but we assure you that your opinions will be respected and appreciated. Our goal is to foster open dialogue and collaboration, allowing us to grow together.

To make it easy for you to participate, we’ve established multiple channels for communication. You can share your suggestions through the JAG Legal Administrator Facebook Group (we even allow anonymous posts) or #AMLA Board Meetings (last Saturday of every month). You can even email the Board of Directors at We want to ensure that every member has an opportunity to contribute.

By sharing your insights, you can help shape the future of #AMLA, driving positive change and innovation. Together, let’s build a stronger organization that reflects the diverse perspectives and aspirations of our members. This in turn will help improve the US Army and USMC JAG Corps that we serve.

Enter your comments in the space below. Describe whatever is important to you! This might include what you want the Association to do, what can we do to help improve the profession, or what swag you would like to see in the #Store. Click the Improving #AMLA link above to leave a comment in the box below.

We eagerly await your valuable input!

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