Virtual 5 K

This message is for anyone who may have organized a Virtual 5 K event, or participated in such an event. The AMLA Team is organizing a Virtual 5 K. We (AMLA) are looking at April for the event. I have volunteered to organize and assist our team in this venue. If anyone out there can provide information on events you have participated in or supported please contact me at CW5 This event could be a big fund raiser and reconnect many people in the JAG Corps. I am hoping some of you will respond to the old Chief. Hooah! Having ran over 600 races of all distances this virtual aspect is new to me. I need direction and information. Bless you all!

2020 Membership Drive

Military Legal Administrators, past and present: The Association of Military Legal Administrators is YOUR professional association. This is where Legal Administrators that have served the military services can teach, coach, mentor and lead through service those still serving and those about to transition to the private sector. Its a great way to stay connected to the Military Legal Community.

Check out the official website to learn the mission, vision, and values of the organization.

Join the AMLA sponsored Facebook group for all military Legal Administrators:

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And, commit to support our community in #AMLA so you too can Teach, Coach, Mentor, and Lead #TCML – Join Here!

You can also support the organization by using Amazon Smile and linking your amazon account to the Association of Military Legal Administrators. Proceeds from every purchase go directly to the Association.

Honorary Membership

AMLA is proud to extend an honorary lifetime membership to Veteran and Retired legal administrators and legal administrative officers who are over the age of 65.

We recognize and appreciate the hard work and accomplishments of those who, through their dedication and initiative, laid the foundation for future generations of legal administrators and legal administrative officers to have such a significant and respected role in today’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps. It is because of their determination and selfless service that the legal administrator brand is so successful.

If you know someone who fits this category, please share this letter from the AMLA President with them, so that they can get in touch with us.

AMLA Honorary Membership

For more information on the honorary lifetime membership, please contact the AMLA Executive Director at

[Feel free to cut and paste this in email to Army and USMC Legal Administrators past and present]

Membership Grows AMLA

As Vice of AMLA I have volunteered to head up administering Memberships both current and future. This is a great site and organization and a lot of people have spent a great amount of their time creating something we can be proud of and want to be a part of.

I am going to do my best to reach out to our past Warrants and new and future Warrants to join this great association. Not only does it provide a lot of good information but it is a good way to stay connected. I am determined to grow our membership and to improve communications to our past warrant officers.

Now for the real message, I need assistance from you all. If you know of a past or present warrant officer who is not a member please let me know who it is and I will do my best to make contact and attempt to have them join AMLA. So there you have it. Many of you thought you got rid of me when I retired in 2002, not, “I AM BACK” Hooah!