2020-21 Election of the Board of Directors and Annual Meeting - Archived

Elections will be open from 1200 June 1, 2020 to 2359 June 21, 2020. Members in good standing shall select each person they want to elect to the Board of Directors (up to six). All persons (minimum of five) receiving a majority of votes cast will be elected to the Board. The ballot show the number of years each Life Member nominated has served on the Board of Directors.

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The Annual Meeting of the Members will be held on ZOOM on June 25, 2020 at 7:30 pm (Eastern) to announce the Board and they will elect officers.

Meeting ID: 991 1233 5585
Password: AMLA

You may also listen in by dialing 319-527-4940.

Prior AMLA Boards of Directors

President/CEO – Will Teeple
Vice President – Aaron Rasmussen
Secretary – Rob Harshbarger
Treasurer – Jim Carroll
Marketing – Jim Steddum

President/CEO – Jim Carroll
Vice President – Aaron Rasmussen
Secretary – Harrys Gutierrez
Treasurer – Amy Reeves
Public Relations – Matt Casey
Audit – Kristi Estes
Membership – Jonnee Carter
Governance – Jim Steddum

CEO – Bill Keating
President – Will Teeple
Vice President – Brent Reeves
Secretary – Jonnee Carter
Treasurer – Amy Reeves
Governance – Jim Steddum
Membership – Eddie Hernandez

President – Monica Heuer
Vice President – Charlie Poulton
Secretary – Jim Steddum
Treasurer – Vickie Slade
At-Large – Rebekah Stuyvesant
At-Large – Andy Perkins