2019-2020 AMLA Board Direction - Archived

As the Vice on the AMLA Board, your board, I will tell you that with the assistance of Jim Steddum guiding the board through each meeting, I believe we as a board have been successful moving the organization along and developing the organization into a beneficial organization for all members. In addition, the fund raising event, 4 Mile Virtual Run, in support of Veterans, has been more successful than we envisioned. We still have more packets left for anyone who would desire to support the fund raising for veterans. Of course the COVID-19 Virus issue has caused us to do our business differently and has been a challenge. We as a board will move on and pray that you all will do the same. We will get through all of this and come out stronger and more proficient than before. As we vote on the 2020-2021 Board members I can assure you that the board will serve you the members as true professionals. It has been an honor to serve in this position and to be part of something bigger than myself. You all keep on keeping on and the board will move into 2020-2021. HOOAH

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Charlie Poulton

36 year Army Veteran, retired CW5 US Army Legal Administrator. Retired 2002 and went to work at Yuma Proving Grounds for 7 years. Retired and moved to Minnesota and am now living in Moravian Falls, NC with my wife Estelle, (45 years). We have two sons, Chuck and Beau. Chuck is a career Marine, Major, 25 years, married with a 16 year old daughter. Beau is a graphic artist living in Florida, married with two boys, 19 and 8, and a 4 year old daughter. Life is good here and God is great. God bless you all. Hooah!

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