2019-20 AMLA Board of Directors - Archived

UPDATE 29 June 2019

Congratulations to the newly elected Board of Directors and the eleceted officers as determined on 29 June 2019 at the Annual Meeting of the Members in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Monica Heuer (President)
Charlie Poulton (Vice-President)
Jim Steddum (Secretary/CAO and Co-Founder)
Vicki Slade (Treasurer/CFO)

William Teeple (returning Director and Co-Founder)
Andy Perkins (Director, Public Relations Committee)
Kim Pastor (new Director)
Deborah Rivera (new Director)
Rebekah Stuyvesant (new Director and Chair, Candidate Outreach Program)

Jonnee’ Carter newly inducted into the Authentic Purpose Advisory Committee along with Will, Jim, and Eddie Hernandez (First Member).

Tom Chilton, ex-officio Liaison to The Judge Advocate General’S Legal Center and School

Jim Steddum was appointed as the Executive Director.

Special Thanks to Brent Reeves (Vice President), Amy Reeves (Treasurer), Jonnee’ Carter (Chief Administrative Officer/Secretary), Eddie Hernandez (Membership Chair), and Matt Casey (Public Relations Chair) for their hard work and dedication to our organization.

Annual Meeting of the Members – 2019 – Charlottesville, Virginia

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